Anti-Software Piracy Crackdown Resumes: NBI seizes PhP 28.5 M worth of computers with pirated software in recent raid
Friday, February 8, 2008

Photo shows agents of the NBI loading the confiscated CPU towers and other paraphernalia utilized for copyright infringement in a truck. NBI’s operation against Steel Systems Engineering Philippines Consultancy, Inc resulted to the confiscation of 129 computers and 73 CD installers valued at 28.5 million pesos.

Manila, Philippines – The Intellectual Property Rights Division of the National Bureau of Investigation (IPRD-NBI) resumed its relentless software piracy crackdown as it raided the offices of Steel Systems Engineering Philippines Consultancy, Inc. located at the 2nd to the 7th floors and the Penthouse of Rima Building in Kawilihan Lane corner Shaw Blvd., Pasig City for allegedly using pirated software in its operations.

Seized during the raid were 129 computers and 73 CD installers with pirated and unlicensed copies of Autodesk, Microsoft and Tekla software, all members of the Business Software Alliance (BSA). The BSA filed the complaint on behalf of its members which resulted in the issuance of search warrants against Steel Systems Engineering Philippines Consultancy, Inc.

“This is our first raid for the year against business establishments using pirated software and it resulted in the confiscation of 28.5 million pesos worth of computers and pirated software. We are looking forward to more successful operations in the days to come,” said Atty. Elfren Meneses, head of the NBI-IPRD.

“Engineering firms such as Steel Systems Engineering Philippines Consultancy Inc. should practice professionalism in their field which includes being ethical and legal in their use of software. Software helps them in improving their services and operations and generating more revenues for their businesses. It is but right and proper that they invest on licensed software just like any other company asset and not put their business at risk,” Meneses added.

The NBI, OMB and the PNP are members of the Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team, the government-led initiative to curb software piracy in the country. The Team is supported by private stakeholders including the Intellectual Property (IP) Coalition and the BSA. The BSA operates anti-software piracy hotlines, 1-800-1-888-8787 (toll-free) and (02) 895-6438, for anyone wishing to report businesses that are using pirated and unlicensed software. A reward of up to one million pesos awaits anyone who provides information leading to a successful enforcement action against any company using illegal software (Terms and Conditions apply).

Software piracy is a violation of the Intellectual Property (IP) Code of the Philippines. This is punishable by up to nine years imprisonment and a fine of up to P1.5 million. For more information on the PAPT, log on to

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