Popular iCafe chain says Anti-Piracy Team promotes fair competition
Thursday, February 22, 2007

Manila, Philippines – Netopia, the largest Internet café chain in the country, has expressed support to the campaigns of the Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team (PAPT) in going after establishments that use unlicensed software.

“We support the Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team in its campaign against establishments that engage in software piracy. We commend their actions for leveling the playing field among businesses, especially among Internet cafés, as this promotes fair competition for those that operate using legal and licensed software. Business owners should appreciate the value of having the right licenses for their software especially if they are engaged in the computer rental business. Internet café owners should realize that by using pirated software, they are cheating on their customers,” said Jose Maria Grau, Chief Operating Officer of Netopia.

Recently, the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group – Anti-Fraud and Commercial Crimes Division (CIDG-AFCCD) of the Philippine National Police raided Cyber Java Internet Café in Cebu City for alleged use of pirated software in computers that are available for rental. During the raid, the police were able to seized five computers loaded with pirated software products amounting to PhP 231,000.

After the raid, the police, headed by the PAPT Technical Inspection Panel (P-TIP), conducted a free inspection of the computers of Jackoona24 Internet Café to check if software infringers have unwittingly victimized them. The P-TIP is part of the new initiative of the PAPT that aims to assist companies in ensuring that they are not violating any IPR laws. Part of this new initiative is sending out letters to establishments that have been reported of using infringing software to the PAPT website, www.papt.org.

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