OMB Inspects Wholesaler of Pirated Optical Media Discs
Wednesday, April 13, 2016

With the hardline intention of newly appointed OMB Chair Atty. Anselmo B. Adriano to intensify the campaign against pirated optical discs, as well as pursue its illicit sources, OMB Agents on Monday, April 11, 2016 inspected Mei-ah VCD Shop, located at 556 Tomas Mapua Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila. During the said inspection operation, the VCD Shop was found to be a retailer and imported of optical discs, conducting its business with expired commercial license allegedly under the process of renewal with the Optical Media Board. Further investigations show that the subject shop is a wholesaler of animated English and Chinese movies, the English titled disc of which were produced with Chinese translation/subtitles. A total of 21 boxes of DVD-9 and 71 sacks of pirated optical discs (more or less 36,000 pieces) with an estimated value of Php12,880,000.00 were seized and brought to the OMB for safekeeping, and may be used as evidences for the filing of both administrative and criminal complaints.

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