Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team (PAPT) cracks down on firms using unlicensed software in Davao
Friday, January 28, 2011

Agents of the Optical Media Board (OMB),a member of the Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team (PAPT) checks on the legality of the software installed in the computers of one of the corporate offices visited during the PAPT inspections in Davao.

Davao City, Philippines (28 January 2011) – Following the announcement of a citywide crackdown against businesses using pirated and unlicensed software in Davao City, agents of the Optical Media Board (OMB), a member of the Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team (PAPT) recently conducted routine inspections in the largest city in Mindanao island. Armed with Inspection Orders signed by OMB Chairman Ronnie Ricketts, the OMB agents conducted routine inspections on several offices and Internet Cafés to check whether the software used in the premises were properly licensed.

The OMB agents seized optical discs, mostly counterfeit copies of several software programs as well as computer CPUs and other paraphernalia utilized for software copyright infringement. The officers/owners of the Internet Cafes and companies visited will now face possible criminal and administrative charges for violation of RA 8293 (Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines) and RA 9239 (Optical Media Act).

“We’ve announced last year that the PAPT will be going full blast this 2011. Our operation in Davao is just the start of more intensified routine inspections and enforcement operations for the year. We are committed to our mandate to fully eradicate software piracy in the Philippines,” said Atty. Cyrus Valenzuela, Executive Director of the OMB.

”Until now, there are still business operators who are engaged in software piracy either as victims of piracy or outright violators who do not realize the gravity of what they are doing. Aside from committing a crime by violating the Philippine copyright law, these businesses are also robbing fellow Filipinos of legitimate jobs in the IT sector and the government of taxes that are badly needed to fund infrastructure and poverty - alleviation projects to help boost the local economy and reduce poverty in the country,” Valenzuela further stated.

He adds: “What we need is full cooperation from the business sector. Reducing – if not completely eliminating software piracy will help create a vibrant, dynamic and fair Philippine business community. A healthy business community where copyrights are protected will enable us to attract more investments and more jobs for Filipinos.”

Illegal use of unlicensed software is a violation of the Copyright Provisions of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines (R.A. 8293) and the Optical Media Act (R.A. 9239). Violators shall be subject to criminal sanctions of up to nine (9) years in jail and a fine of up to one million five hundred thousand Philippine pesos (Php 1.5M).

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