More PAPT enforcement operations expected before year-end; Businesses are advised to use and/or distribute only licensed software to enjoy a worry-free holiday season
Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photo shows OMB Executive Director Atty. Cyrus Valenzuela during an interview with GMA7. (Click image to watch GMA7 coverage of PAPT crackdown in 24 Oras on November 24, 2010.)

Manila, Philippines - The Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team (PAPT), the government-led initiative composed of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Optical Media Board (OMB) and the Philippine National Police (PNP), announced its intention to strengthen its grip against the use and/or sale of unlicensed and pirated software among business establishments, as they conduct more raids before the year-end.

Following the recent enforcement actions in different business districts across Metro Manila and Metro Cebu, the PAPT announced that an all-out crackdown campaign is planned for Quezon City and Pasig City in the coming days. The PAPT has issued letter notifications to businesses in these areas advising them to expect PAPT raids and routine corporate inspections.

The letter says: “PAPT continuously receives very good, timely reports about users of pirated and unlicensed software in businesses. As a result, we are staging similar enforcement activities in Pasig and Quezon City areas starting November 24, 2010. We admonish you to make sure that your office will not be the subject of a PAPT enforcement action as we swoop down in your area before the year ends.”

Since the start of 2010, the PAPT has been conducting enforcement actions against business establishments that have been reported for software copyright infringement. Over the past 10 months, the team has conducted 24 raids which have resulted in the seizures of almost 500 computers and numerous pirated installers with a commercial value of more than 75 million pesos. The OMB on the other hand has conducted routine inspections on almost 80 establishments in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

Software piracy is a violation of the Intellectual Property (IP) Code of the Philippines. Any violation is punishable by up to nine years imprisonment and a fine of up to P1.5 million. For more information on PAPT campaigns and details on the PAPT countdown, call the PAPT Secretariat at (02) 692-9516 or visit

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